Monday, October 17, 2011


I know most of you have either seen the first episode of Chelsea Settles or have at least heard a buzz about it. If you haven't seen it, allow me to fill you in. Chelsea Settles is a new reality show on MTV featuring an overweight 23 year old girl from a small town in PA, who studied fashion in college but is so embarrassed of her weight that she has let her dreams hold her back.

 Going through great measures not to draw attention to herself, Chelsea eats alone, hides fast food bags in the back of her car and arrives to class an hour ahead of time just to pick out a chair she can fit in. One aspect of her life however that her weight has not interfered with is her love life. Chelsea is in a long distance relationship with boyfriend Rory who is in the Army, stationed in Kentucky. Even though the relationship seems to be going well, Chelsea soon reveals that he has cheated on her. Chelsea justifies her boyfriend's infidelity as okay because she doesn't know "who else will love me at my size". After having dinner with Rory and hearing him doubt her ability to move to LA and "fit in", Chelsea decides that she is not going to let anyone deter her from her goals. Later that week, Chelsea makes her first attempt at 'clubbing' but decides to leave after the bouncer tells her to step aside as he lets thinner girls enter. As she walked back to her car, drunk club-goers shouted terrible weight related remarks at Chelsea, who broke down crying and tore off her microphone equipment. After 5 days of feeling down, Chelsea finally decided to make a change and move to LA to chase her dreams!

Weighing in at 324 lbs, Chelsea decided to leave the only town she's ever known, her first love Rory and her ill mother and head to LA with her cousin Jarel to fulfill her fashion dreams and start her weight loss journey.

What I love about this show is its relatability; Weight is such a sensitive subject and it hits a nerve with even the skinniest girl in the room. Chelsea is so brave for sharing her story and I wish her nothing but the best of luck on her journey.. she is definitely not alone and is such an inspiration to girls all over the world.

The show airs every Tuesday at 11pm ET on MTV!
Follow Chelsea Settles on Twitter: @ChelseaSettles


darci said...

I really like what I'm seeing from this show so far! From the moment you meet Chelsea you can’t help bu root for her. I hope that MTV doesn’t take this show down the generic ‘weight loss reality show’ road, because it has potential - Chelsea has some depth, and I like how it focuses on her growth mentally just as much of her challenge of losing weight.

Other kudos= great theme song! (I love Ingrid Michaelson) and also I was really happy when I heard Molly Marlette's "Cause for Concern" in the premiere when she goes to the laundromat with her grandma. (watch the scene at )

Syreeta said...

I absolutely love this show, I really hope it comes back for another season. Chelsea has really grown a whole lot and I enjoyed following her story. She has great friends and family and it was great to see mtv bring something different than what they usually show. I've never had an issue with my weight, but I was even near tears watching what she went thru. She is a very strong woman and shows anything is possible. I loved the ending, and how she didn't leave to go to TN yay chelsea! I hope all your dreams continue to come true :)

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