Friday, April 29, 2011


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As you may know, William and Kate ::ahem:: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the night earlier this morning and if your anything like me you were up at 4am with tea in hand to see the whole affair go down! This being my first royal wedding, I didn't really know what to expect but was sure I was going to be amazed. I had seen previous footage of Princess Diana's wedding and watched her televised funeral myself, so to see her son all grown up marrying his very own princess was something I just could not miss. It was so heart-warming to see all the support they had from their community and other countries; the British pride was definitely in the air. 

Kate stepped out in a Grace Kelly inspiredSarah Burton by Alexander McQueen; her tiara was a loan from the Queen. Kate really looked amazing but I must say, I was expecting more glamour.. it was a very simple and timeless piece. Maybe extravagant isn't her style and in that case, that's okay because she was gorgeous and who doesn't want to be fab on their wedding day? let alone a royal one!

Def.. or Def not?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


...we video taped it and it came out as cute as this! LOVE it!


Do you like counterfit bags?? Often visit Chinatown for the newest knock-off? Good, me either haha. If it is your thing, you should know New York Counsilwoman Margaret Chin has just proposed a bill that will land you jail time or a fine of $1000 if caught purchasing a knock-off! Council Woman Chin is frustrated by the increasing tourist and resident traffic flooding her Chinatown district mainly in search of fake designer merchandise. Chin has already gotten lots of positive feedback for her proposal and now has five co-sponsers supporting her on this fight to stop a growing problem. If you ask me, it doesn't really matter. I think she should put all this effort in finding the three teens from Harlem who attacked that poor delivery man... I'm just saying!


Lately, there has been much controversy toward Carol's Daughter for choosing Solange Knowles, Cassie and Selita Ebanks to represent their line of hair care products. Many are not pleased with the company for selecting all 'light skinned' women as their new faces but with this recently released video about what 'good hair' means to them, I actually think they are the perfect fit. Besides, Solange can do no wrong, I totally have a girl crush!

Can you believe Cassie was envious of curls when she had pin straight hair? What about Selita and her desire for hair that was course enough to be wrapped without pins?! It all just goes to show that no matter what kind of hair we have, we always wonder if the grass is really greener on the other side. It's important though that we cherish what we were given and ROCK it!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Juicy Finds: Swimsuits!
The weather here in New York today was A-Mazing; the trees and flowers have started to bloom and it finally seems like Spring is in the air. Although I spent most of my day indoors, I couldn't help but browse the internet for all the swim suits I could possibly see myself frolicking on the beach in this summer haha. Here are a few of my favorite plus size finds! Enjoy.

Plus size bikini

Plus size bikini

Esther williams swimwear
$90 -

Foil bikini
$68 -

Old Navy halter swimwear
$55 -

Forever21 floral bathing suit
$36 -


Earlier today, FashionBombDaily released these magazine covers of Beyonce and Naomi Campbell wearing this African inspired beaded dress from the much anticipated Gucci Spring 2011 collection. There is no doubt that this frock is BOMB, but my question to you is... who blew it up?

Beyonce: March 2011 issue of L'Officiel
Naomi: June 2011 issue of Vogue Japan


Wifey of the New YorkKnicks precious Melo, Lala Vasquez-Anthony was spotted in Madison Garden this week during  the Knicks vs. Celtics game 3 NBA Playoffs. Although the score was pretty hard to watch, those shoes were fashion eye for sure. In case you're curious they are Nicholas Kirkwood and they are $1,195 and no where near my budget . Ah well, we can dream can't we?

 PS. These bad-ass shoes weren't bad enough to stop the Knicks from LOSING ; 113-96 Celtics!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Last week there was a lot of internet buzz about the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This festival has been active since 2001, which is pretty crazy to me since I had never heard of it until this year. If you're a loyal fan of this festival, you may say I've been living under a rock...and maybe I have (I'll just blame my lack of knowledge on my college coursework haha)  but if you were like me and aren't too hip, allow me to break it down.

The Coachella Festival is a three day affairs organized by Goldenvoice, and held at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. The event features music genres ranging from indie and electronic to soul and alternative rock in addition to huge art structures. There are several different stages and separate locations for camping/tents set-up throughout the grounds, each playing live music continuously. The festival itself is in a desert setting with temperatures often reaching highs of 100 degrees. In the evenings the temperatures drop making the festival an ultimate camping adventure. Mix that with some art sculptures and performances from your favorite artists and you're sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

Some performers from this year's Coachella Festival include: Kings of Leon, Robyn, Lauryn Hill, Cee-Lo Green, Nas & Damien Marley, Wiz Khalifa, Jimmy Eat World, Erykah Badu and Mr. Kanye West.

Amazing right? I know, and I'm jealous of every single person that was forturnate enough to be there. Maybe next year. ::sigh::

Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Saturday April 30th from 12pm - 8pm. LGBT Community Center 208 West 13th Street, First Floor, Manhattan
Brand new and gently used donations starting from size L/XL to 6X. Admission $10
No item over $10

  • Accessories $1
  • Dresses $10
  • Lingerie (still to be determined but $5-$10)
  • Outerwear $10
  • Pants/Legging/Non Skirt Bottoms $3
  • Shirts/Sweaters $3
  • Shoes $2
  • Skirts $5
  • Swimwear (one piece & sets) $10, separate pieces $5, coverups $5
  • Tees/Tank Tops 2 for $1
Want to donate?

Donations can be dropped off at the LGBT Community Center :
208 West 13th Street in NY
  • Friday April 29th between
    • 4pm and 9pm
  • Saturday April 30th (the day of the event)
    • 12pm-3pm
Please limit your donation to 1-2 bags of clean clothing in sizes 14+.

*support*  for more information

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perfect Shades For Your Face Shape .

Ever buy the glasses that are most in style only because you saw someone who they looked nice on and swore you could pull off the same look ? Then when you got home realized they just weren't for you ? yeah .. happens to me all the time . Lucky for you , I have the solution : the best type of shades for your face shape <3. Wouldn't wanna walk around looking clueless right ? ( points to above pic )
* Still love ya Snooks ! *

Triangle Shape: Because you have triangular facial features, such as a broad forehead and narrow chin, a pair of glasses with rounded bottoms and angled top would be a suitable fit . For you , Cat-eye shades are perfect .

Oval Shape: Congratulations , you are the wildcard face shape ! When it comes to shades , you can pull off almost any style , however sticking to oversized frames is key as they compliment your long face .

Square Shape: In order to balance out the angles on your face , aviator and cat eye shades are the most promising styles for you.

Oblong Shape: Giant Jakie O style shades do your face shape the most justice . With your narrow chin and cheeks and long facial structure , a pair of oversized glasses shorten the length of your face and add necessary diva appeal .

Round shape: Wide , rectangular or angular frames do well for a round facial shape since they give your face structure . Your best pairs would be Ray Bans , square shades and any pair that has a geometric shape as they will make your face appear thinner .
Diamond/Heart Shape: Your best looks are upswept cat-eye styles because they balance your narrow chin ; round styles because they balance out the entire face , and shapes that are wider on the top than on the bottom due to their ability to minimize the forehead's width and balance features .

'Orange' You Glad It's Spring ?

One of the biggest colors for this spring / summer is bright orange and rightfully so ! Looks great alone in a one peice as seen above on Ms . Bey or as an accent to spice up an outfit . If you are thinking about color blocking this color , I definitely approve and can tell you it's best paired with purple , royal blue , pink , white and rose gold .

If you are choosing to do an orange dress , make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple with nude or neutral shoes and accessories . Adding too many bright colors on top of  each other can result in the sickness I like to call hotmess hahah .. it's on the rise and we don't want that do we ?!

So quick recap :
- Be bold and wear an orange dress but since you are opting for lots of orange ( which is no issue ) , pair with neutral shoes and accessories .
- Add some orange accessories into your stash for an instant closet update .
- Color Block ! Bright orange goes best with deep purples and greens , royal blue , magenta ( deep pink ) , white and rose gold accents .
- Also if your looking for an orange separates , silky materials work great for tops and skirts !

Happy Shopping

Monday, April 11, 2011

OPI newest collection (includes Silver Shatter) .

Coming soon to stores in early May , OPI is introducing its new line for Disney's new movie , 'Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides' . The collection includes bright yet pastel colored shades along with silver shatter . To be honest , I'm not too sure how I like these colors combined with the silver shatter but they are great alone . The only colors I can see myself using silver shatter on is black or a deep blue . You be the judge : like, love, or blah ?

In the picture below you can see each collection color with and without the silver shatter .

shades from top to bottom : Skull and glossbones , Steady as She Rose , Sparrow Me the Drama , Planks a Lot , Stranger Tides , Mermaid's Tears .

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring 2011 Must Haves .

In case you've been living under a rock , you already know it ' s April ! I know it doesn't feel anything like spring and we are all still wearing our sweaters and Ugg boots but that's no reason not to prepare right ?

Some things you should try this season :

:: Use color blocking technique ::
(as seen above and below) This spring summer is the time to be bold and stand out . Use colors that are very different but compliment each other . Dont be afraid of bright colors and if you are keep it simple but and throw bright accessories in the mix . Matching is so blahh !