Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perfect Shades For Your Face Shape .

Ever buy the glasses that are most in style only because you saw someone who they looked nice on and swore you could pull off the same look ? Then when you got home realized they just weren't for you ? yeah .. happens to me all the time . Lucky for you , I have the solution : the best type of shades for your face shape <3. Wouldn't wanna walk around looking clueless right ? ( points to above pic )
* Still love ya Snooks ! *

Triangle Shape: Because you have triangular facial features, such as a broad forehead and narrow chin, a pair of glasses with rounded bottoms and angled top would be a suitable fit . For you , Cat-eye shades are perfect .

Oval Shape: Congratulations , you are the wildcard face shape ! When it comes to shades , you can pull off almost any style , however sticking to oversized frames is key as they compliment your long face .

Square Shape: In order to balance out the angles on your face , aviator and cat eye shades are the most promising styles for you.

Oblong Shape: Giant Jakie O style shades do your face shape the most justice . With your narrow chin and cheeks and long facial structure , a pair of oversized glasses shorten the length of your face and add necessary diva appeal .

Round shape: Wide , rectangular or angular frames do well for a round facial shape since they give your face structure . Your best pairs would be Ray Bans , square shades and any pair that has a geometric shape as they will make your face appear thinner .
Diamond/Heart Shape: Your best looks are upswept cat-eye styles because they balance your narrow chin ; round styles because they balance out the entire face , and shapes that are wider on the top than on the bottom due to their ability to minimize the forehead's width and balance features .

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