Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'Orange' You Glad It's Spring ?

One of the biggest colors for this spring / summer is bright orange and rightfully so ! Looks great alone in a one peice as seen above on Ms . Bey or as an accent to spice up an outfit . If you are thinking about color blocking this color , I definitely approve and can tell you it's best paired with purple , royal blue , pink , white and rose gold .

If you are choosing to do an orange dress , make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple with nude or neutral shoes and accessories . Adding too many bright colors on top of  each other can result in the sickness I like to call hotmess hahah .. it's on the rise and we don't want that do we ?!

So quick recap :
- Be bold and wear an orange dress but since you are opting for lots of orange ( which is no issue ) , pair with neutral shoes and accessories .
- Add some orange accessories into your stash for an instant closet update .
- Color Block ! Bright orange goes best with deep purples and greens , royal blue , magenta ( deep pink ) , white and rose gold accents .
- Also if your looking for an orange separates , silky materials work great for tops and skirts !

Happy Shopping

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