Monday, June 27, 2011


Ahh.. alas, the BET Awards! The most time I spend on that channel at one time all year haha. I love the awards though; full of entertainment, scandal and tons of laughs.. oh yea and great performances. Check out the cute and questionable fashion choices from last night's award show. 

And the winner is.. Kerry Washington. She looked stunning in an acid green Michael Khors backless column gown and black Christian Louboutins. My favorite look by far.

Friday, June 24, 2011


There are so many things my heart desires at the moment, definitely not enough to list so I selected a few of my favorites to share with you. Right now, as you can see I'm going through some sort of shoe fetish, but most of you ladies can relate so I don't feel too bad. 

The first two shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell and stole my heart the day I walked into Nordstrom and spotted them from a mile away! The colors are so bright and pigmented and will work great with your summer's color blocking. I recently saw these leopard print doc marten's on Fatshopaholic's blog and fell in LOVE; I have a sickness.. I can't turn down leopard print, it's just too hard haha.

 I've been searching for the longest time for a longline bra that was both cute and affordable. I finally found just that on the Torrid website on sale for $20. Can't wait to pair it with a bright mini skirt and blazer.. EXCITING. Also on the list, I have 2 dresses and a handbag currently on sale at ASOS where you can save up to 50% on their summer sale. 

Forever 21 recently brought back their 5 inch platform floral mary janes a few days ago and just my luck as soon I went to buy, it was sold out.. again -_- . Oh well ,I thought I would share them anyway.. aren't they precious? The orange embroidered sundress is from Dorothy Perkins. It's so sweet and innocent and would look so cute with some white espadrilles wedges.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There are three times a year when a woman seriously contemplates a new look. Those occasions would be New Year's, our birthdays, and of course SUMMER! So in celebration of the first day of summer (and officially one month until my birthday =]) here are some of the hottest Hollywood hairstyles for you to use as inspiration when you hit the salon for your summer upgrade!


Red is definitely the hot hue of the summer when it comes to hair. If  your looking for something out the box and something that will get you noticed, this is it! Beware though.. this is certainly not a shy girl style so if you lack the confidence, or don't like attention.. you want to go another route. However, I will say for those of you who will try this color this season... it looks great with all summer's great brights (ie. white, orange, pinks and blues)

Friday, June 17, 2011


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To all my fatshionistas, plus size fashion bloggers, and fellow curvy girls.. HAPPY FULL FIGURE FASHION WEEK. The 3rd Annual FFFW kicked off yesterday, June 16th and will run until Sunday, the 18th in where else but NYC! The event-filled weekend is already sold out so don't even waste your time trying to find tickets. I've even heard some talk about fake tickets floating around (yes, it's that serious haha) Founder of FFFW, Gwen DeVoe recently caught up with to talk about what makes the week special and her hopes for the future of plus size fashion. Check it out.

STF: What prompted you to start full figured fashion week? Do you think plus size women should have an entirely separate set of fashion shows, or do you hope to one day see more full-figured women on regular runways?
GD: After attending my first official Fashion Week event under the tents in NYC, I realized that no matter how much I loved the line, I could not buy it because the pieces did not come in my size. I do not think it is entirely necessary for the plus size fashion industry to have separate shows, but creating them sends the message that plus size consumers are tired of not being "invited to the party", so to speak, and if they cannot join the party, we'll create a party for them. I definitely look forward to the day when fuller figures are represented in all fashion showcases.
STF: There has been some recent discussion that using full-figured models on regular runways is a "fad." Do you agree? Do you think any exposure for full-figured models is positive, or are some of them being exploited by designers for their size? 
GD: I definitely do not think it is a fad and give kudos to all designers who have featured fuller figures in their showcases. It was a positive and powerful message; one that I hope continues. I consider all exposure and press regarding full figured models an opportunity to highlight this very under-served, yet highly profitable, industry. Plus size consumers can't get enough of seeing clothes worn on body types that they can relate to.
STF: Are things looking better or worse for plus size fashion than they were five years ago?
GD: I think that things are definitely looking up. In just three years, I have uncovered several indie designers across the nation. They're out there, they just need assistance in spreading the word to the consumers.
STF: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish with FFFweek?
GD: I want FFFWeek to continue to succeed in bridging the gap between plus size consumers and designers/retailers by providing a professional venue that showcases the latest fashion trends.
STF: How did you arrive at the name?
GD: It was either Full Figured Fashion Week or Plus Size Fashion Week - I went with FFFWeek because I liked the sound of it, it is easy to remember and FFFWeek is an excellent hashtag!
STF: Do you think there's a stigma around the term "plus size," or are you fine with it?
GD: I am fine with it. And I agree with a lot of my colleagues that the recent attempts to eliminate the term "plus size" is an appalling effort to marginalize plus size consumers. From a business perspective, plus size consumers react positively to ads and catalogs that feature plus size models in them. Plus size consumers are loyal customers whose buying power should no longer be taken for granted.
STF: Speaking of, there is some debate or cloudiness in the market about what constitutes "plus size." As an expert, what's your definition? What size does it begin at?
GD: When I think of "plus size", I think of someone with a curvier body and usually wearing a size 14 and up. Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint because there are so many different body types, which can make women look bigger or smaller than they actually are. For instance, a size 14 that is 5'9" may appear to be much smaller.

For more information about FFFW and it's events, visit

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Okay, so I've recently noticed that in a lot of celeb pictures where I'm expecting to see a really cute, strapped sandal or heel.. I'm seeing booties instead. From the casual, on-the-go look to the red carpet, booties seem to be making their presence known! With the exception of Miss Keri, all looks are seen with short dresses or bottoms which I find to be flirty and fun. I'm ♥'n it.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Spotted this morning on her way to New York Studios for The Late Show with David Letterman, Jennifer Hudson showed off her long legs and slim waist in a skin tight denim mini dress with puff sleeves and $600 Christian Loub wedges. Can't say I love the hair... maybe it was an early morning?! Regardless, I love the outfit and it looks great on her. I will certainly be on the lookout for a version of those shoes that fit my budget haha.

what do you think? Def or def not?


Old news? yes, but breaking none the less. Vogue Italia has featured three Plus Size models on their June 2011 cover; Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley. The magazine's editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani wanted to showcase the beauty in women with curves. She states, 
 "I did some research and found that there are countless pro-anorexia websites and blogs that not only support the disorder, but also urge young people to be competitive about their 'body shape...Fashion has been always blamed as one of the culprits of anorexia, and our commitment is the proof that fashion is ready to get on the frontline and struggle against the disorder."
Belle Vere means 'True Beauty' LOVE it!

Friday, June 10, 2011


In the new July issue of Cosmopolitan, you can see Rihanna wearing a teal and purple colored, zebra printed  Louis Vuitton gown.. the same gown seen on Fergie on the cover of June 2011's Lucky Magazine. You've seen the dress, now you decide..

Anyone can wear it, but who ROCKED it?


Check out these cover girls for the month of July: 

  • In the newest issue of Essence, Beyonce gives details about her nine month vacation and how it gave her creative inspiration for her new album "4".
  • July 2011 Glamour cover girl Blake Lively let's readers in on why she doesn't tweet, how she gets ready for a big event and how it feels to be the face of Chanel's Mademoiselle handbag.
  • Amber Rose has had much to say recently on her interview with Vibe Magazine, ranting on twitter about how it's invalid. I don't know what's true and false but I do know that I can't wait to speculate! ♥
  • Gracing the Elle Magazine cover wearing a GORG orstrich feather Versace dress, actress Emma Stone shares stories of her career and childhood. When asked about her farmville obsession, Stone states,
I got to level 42, and I wasn’t doing anything else anymore, so I had to stop.

I too suffered from farmville obsession! It's a tough habit to break.. I'm glad I'm not alone haha.
  • The Hills star, Lauren Conrad is featured in the new issue of Lucky Mag speaking about her new line, Paper Crown, life after MTV and how she stays fit.
  • My girl Rhi Rhi (Don't you love how I said that as if we're bff's? We are in my head haha) is on the newest Cosmopolitan cover and inside she tells how she went from being completely against twitter to loving it! 
  • Rockin' a hot backless all white gown, Ebony Magazine cover girl Taraji P. Henson is making a statement. Not only is she on the cover of the magazine's latest issue but is featured in their 50 finest list! Congrats girl!
  • Zoe Kravitz is featured on the cover of July's Asos Magazine and inside give deets on London living, being an it-girl and having celebrity parents.


Miss Raven Symone was spotted recently at the Las Vegas Palazzo Resort and Casino for the annual Simon G. Jewlery summer soiree. Going for a pretty in pink look, the actress wore a soft frilly cocktail dress and nude pumps. Showing off her natural tresses, she opted for a simple bow headband and topped off her outfit with sparkling diamond jewelry. Can 't go wrong with diamonds!
What do you think of Raven's look: Def.. or Def not??

Thursday, June 2, 2011


One of the best things about the summer time, aside from the amazing weather, vacation from school and of course my birthday (July 21st!) is the ability to wear less clothing! I know all you ladies feel me on that haha. It's best feeling to get out of those stiff jeans and slide into something more comfortable like.. a maxi dress! Here are some funky ways to rock yours:


Put on a straw hat and big sunglasses with your maxi dress and I swear you'll feel like a superstar!


There's two ways I've seen people wear scarfs with maxi dresses that I adore. The first, as seen on Love Brown Sugar blogger Christina is worn as the top part of the maxi. This is so funky and I love it because it allows you wear the same maxi and have it appear as a completely different dress! Plus, if you keep changing up the pattern on the scarf, your possibilities are endless.

The second way is of course, on your head. I'm a lover of the turban style.. I find it fresh and different. If your not into the turban, you can always wear it as a regular scarf and let the ends hang down to one side  (sort of like a ponytail)


If there could be any one time for chiffon and other sheer materials, that time is definitely now. I can't even go into a store or view an online collection without seeing an abundance of these flowy sheer items and if you think it stops at tops, you've been misinformed. I'm especially in LOVE with the sheer maxi skirts. (must get one ASAP)

One downside to chiffon material is the lack of stretch.. especially with tops. Blogger Gabi recently shared a tip on her blog about how she combats small fitting tops. She cuts them at the seams to create a cute and creative capelet type of blouse. Visit Young Fat & Fabulous to see pics of her creation.