Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There are three times a year when a woman seriously contemplates a new look. Those occasions would be New Year's, our birthdays, and of course SUMMER! So in celebration of the first day of summer (and officially one month until my birthday =]) here are some of the hottest Hollywood hairstyles for you to use as inspiration when you hit the salon for your summer upgrade!


Red is definitely the hot hue of the summer when it comes to hair. If  your looking for something out the box and something that will get you noticed, this is it! Beware though.. this is certainly not a shy girl style so if you lack the confidence, or don't like attention.. you want to go another route. However, I will say for those of you who will try this color this season... it looks great with all summer's great brights (ie. white, orange, pinks and blues)


 My favorite, the natural look! I'm biased though.. it's what I'm rocking. Although I need to take a step and color mine like Chrisette did, I'm def going to take advantage of the summer and make it happen! I always say that having natural hair is the most powerful statement a black woman can make without ever saying a word... don't you love that? I came up with it all on my own haha.. I'm a trip. Anyway, its very cute as a short cut or a big fro and their popping up everywhere... even in music videos. Gotta love it. 


 Curly hair is usually the go to style when the weather gets warm, especially because this is one style you can get wet and not have to freak out about. Can i get an 'AMEN'?! 


 Once seen as trashy, letting your dark roots show through dyed hair is now okay; no need to rush to the salon to get that color touch-up!


Keeping volume in your hair during summer's humidity is a challenge but totally worth it. Maybe best for a cool summer night though.

 I'm so loving Nicki's latest hair do and I find it perfect for the summer..the right length to keep you cool and short enough to give a funky feel. Nice remix to the 1920's Flapper style 


The thing I really like about Eve's ponytail is that its not super thick and heavy but light with a lot less hair than usually seen. Plus, the bangs really set the whole style off..


I love this look, if I wasn't natural, I would really have to take it there haha. Something about blunt bangs on a short do that makes my heart happy.


Long, luscious, Poetic Justice style braids are back and bigger than before and to be honest, they are probably the best style for the summer. They last long, are low maintenance and frankly.. just look cool as hell haha. Isn't that what women really want?!


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SharieceG said...

omg , red hair<33

I miss mine so much. everyone calls me ree, so a few of my friends would call me 'REEanna' haha

i was thinking about goin back to it , but its alot to deal with lol.

great post.

xoxo, Shariece : )