Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Polka dots are a way to revive your attire with a youthful and fun upgrade! Not only can you go for the traditional size polka dot, but opting for big bold polka dots are also encouraged this season. Add one polka dot peice to a outfit of solids or accessorize with the print (ie. scarves, flats, or even stockings!) Although this print is funky and gives a youthful edge, you want to avoid looking too juvenile by sticking to traditional polka dot colors like black, navy blue and white.
*Don't be afraid to mix prints.. polka dots look especially hot with leopard! =]


First it was mini length, then it was midi; well now midlength dresses and skirts are the must have item of the upcoming season. I know all the career girls have often found it hard to incorporate fashion trends into their office attire, but worry no more.. the fashion gods have answered your prayers. This fall's fashion trends feature so many items you can wear in and out the office. Stock up now girlies.. your time is NOW!


Coming back for the fall, geometric prints are candy for any eye. They create an interesting focal point, whether it be a subtle accent or explosion of cubic patterns.


Photo courtesy of Refinery29.com

This fall is all about feeling sexy and feminine without showing too much and I think the high slit is a great way of doing just that. On a long dress or skirt this look is amazing, especially when the materials are bright and/or have some type of sheen. FUN!


First of all, I have to see.. I have been a long time fan of peplum! Not only does it give awesome tummy control haha but is also sophisticated and gives off the appearance of a super sexy silhouette.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


TWO nail posts in ONE day?!?! How freaking lucky are you guys! haha.

I came across this funky little nail design idea while at dinner with a friend a couple of months ago. My friend  quickly went over the instructions for how it was to come out but truthfully.. after we ate and drank.. and drank some more haha, I completely forgot about the whole conversation. Well, today I was exploring some new blogs and came across Addicted to All Things Pretty who conveniently had step by step directions for how to achieve this look! EXCITING..I know! So here are the steps according to my new blog find:

  • Using Q-tips applied a thick layer of petroleum jelly around the nail, being careful not to get any on the nail.
  • Dropped small drops of (2 or more) nail colors.  Since my nails were already polished I used 2 colors.
  • Using a toothpick I swirled the colors together in no particular order or pattern.  I personally like the somewhat extreme variation of each pattern and variance of colors.
  • I dip each nail in the water and polish “mixture” but on a side that has mostly water, and pull my nail out catching the polish “mixture”.  This step will make sense once you’re doing your nails lol.
  • Every few nails, I take a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the polish that covered my finger.  The quicker the better because once it’s dry you’ll be upset you didn’t start your cleanup process sooner.  The thick layer of petroleum really helps keeping from the polish from adhering to the skin.
  • I sealed the design by using Poshe topcoat.  It really doesn’t take long to dry since you’re applying the thinnest amount of polish possible.

P.S. My friend did mention that it wastes a bit too much polish so you may want to limit this design to special occasions! 

Have fun! can't wait to try it!

Don't forget to check out Addicted to All Things Pretty ♥ it!


OMG, what other colors could a girl wish to have for the fall season?! This collection is perfect.. once I get my hands on it, I'll be set for the whole season! Released August 3rd.. meaning in stores now, what are you waiting for?!

From left to right:
French Quarter For Your Thoughts, A-Taupe the Space Needle, Color to Diner For, Are We There Yet?, Get in the Expresso Lane, Honk If You Love OPI, Road House Blues, Brake For Manicures, My Address Is "Hollywood", Suzi Takes the Wheel,  I Eat Mainly Lobster, Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window.

Video of TradeSecretTV talking about the inspiration behind the color choices for the new line!



Hey everyone! Are you as excited as I am that it was actually cool out today? Can you say BLAZER WEATHER! I can't wait for fall.. for two reasons: 1. The fashion.
I love getting September issues of fashion mags; they are soooo thick! ♥ 2. I don't have to sweat while sitting still anymore! cheers to that! haha.

If you're a reality junkie like I am ( shameful, I know but they're so damn juicy), then you were tuned into the Basketball Wives  season 3 reunion last night. One of the main reasons I watch is not even for the drama but to see what the girls will be wearing. I noticed Evelyn Lozada was wearing the increasingly popular Herve Legar Bridgette Bandage Dress in silver.. which by the way retails for $2,999.99 $999.99 (good luck with that haha). The dress is very sexy with miniature slits all over and keyhole cleavage at the top but not revealing too much as it ends just a bit over the knee. 

Brandy (seen below) has a bit of a custom version of the dress, with long sleeves and no keyhole cleavage. If you're wondering about the black and white, Brandy wore this dress to do an alter ego photo shoot with the renowned Derek Blake. This is my favorite version of the dress! 

Tika Sumpter, best known for her roles in The Game and Stomp the Yard 2 wore the dress while hosting the BET.com portion of the BET awards!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


All my ladies can relate when I say, men just don't understand women's fashion. I, myself have been the butt of constant jokes at things I'm wearing by my boyfriend or guy friends when in all reality, I think I look too hot to handle haha! Here's a list of top fashions we ladies LOVE, but our guys DESPISE


Okay, okay.. I know rompers can be a little pre-school and what not but, in a woman's defense, they're just so damn cute! I only put one on if I'm in a real good mood ( like roll around in grass on a sunny day type of mood). It brings out every girls playful side, so to all you men out there.. Don't be mad designers don't make them for you!


Not only do fur vests keep us warm, they bring edge to any kind of outfit; a night out or a casual day outing. Men however, just see it a big furry mess. If you ask me, I think in their heads they see it as an extra unnecessary layer of clothing. 


Ahh yes! Harem pants.. oh how I love thee haha. The most comfortable, fashionable piece there is.. aside from leggings (depending on how they're worn of course). Not only are they as comfy as pajamas, but you can also  find them in all types of prints and patterns making it a go to fashion piece when you're looking for something self-expressive! Most men have a problem with these pants for two reasons: 1) They don't show off our curves. 2) I've been told they are "reminiscent of a soggy diaper." (OUCH!)


 You may recall back in February, Angela Simmons announcing that she was branching off from Pastry to create her own clothing line with the assistance of designer, Juan Vargas. The line, "Angela Renee" which is said to feature fitted and chic clothing is due to for a 2012 release. Last night Ms. Simmons tweeted a couple outfits from her line as a special treat and I have to say, I'm intrigued and want to see more. The first dress is subtle, yet classy and I love it. The second one is more of a 'freakum'  style dress; the bright colors bring the funk and the black mesh side panel detailing give it a sexy edge. I can tell she used "Pastry" as an inspiration for this dress and it looks great. I'm sure with Juan Vargas by her side, "Angela Renee" will go far.

What do you think? Def?.. or Def not?

See some of Juan Vargas' designs here

Monday, August 1, 2011


Last week, Kelly Rowland rolled through 106 & Park to promote her new album "Here I Am". Lately Kelly has been killing the blogs with her fashion sense, so I was pretty excited to see what she would be wearing. As expected, she delivered; she stepped out wearing a a black mini dress with a a real cute geometric design on the front, along with a metallic cuff and nude pumps. I loved the geometric pattern for two reasons: For one, it's super funky and two, it's very slimming. (Not like Kelly needs to appear any thinner.) In any case, I was feeling this look to point that I HAD to make a PLUS SIZE REMIX version! I haven't done one since Rhi Rhi's all white pant suit so I hope you're as excited as I am. 

The dress I found is from Dorothy Perkins and I felt it had the same slimming effect as Ms. Kelly's mini dress. Although it's a bit longer, it's far from matronly and to be sure of that I added some leopard print heels from Aldo. Nothing says youthful and fly like leopard print haha! I added some more color with a two tone clutch from ASOS ♥ and some flare with over-sized thin gold hoops and stacked bangles. Lastly, an orange-red lip and  goldish-orange finger tips (OPI "the 'it' color")

Plus Size Remix: Kelly Rowland


 I ♥ Tocarra! She is without a doubt my favorite from America's Next Top Model. Don't you love how she  didn't win the show but managed to have a more successful career than any winner of any season?! With her bubbly personality and to-kill-for curves, she is representing right for the curvy chicks. In a recent promo shoot by Derek Blanks for the second season of "The Merger", Tocarra looks radiant! Make sure you check out all the pics!

The Merger Season 2 premieres Thursday, August 4th at 9PM on TVone (Right before Jersey Shore *whew*)


Happy August!! Happy Birthday to all the Leo's out there.. Cancer season is over so I guess you can have your time to shine now haha. Check out this month's cover girls bringing some extra summer heat to your nearest newsstand. 

  • In this month's Cosmopolitan mag, Kim K dishes tips on how to keep the spark in a relationship.. even from a distance. She also talks about what brings out her inner sexy and her biggest fears.
  • Cover Queen B can be seen in Complex magazine's August issue.  With her latest album 4, it seems like B is pushing her career in bold new directions, and I've got to say.. she's really putting in work which makes her the perfect person to cover the annual Style & Design issue, where we showcase all the cutting edge developments in Complex's world. Here's a sneak at the magazine spread.
  • Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Rhi Rhi in concert and as expected, she shut the place down. She has come a long way vocally and performance wise and I'm sure her best is yet to come. She's been gracing so many covers recently, it should be no surprise that she's on this month's Glamour ♥ .  Rockin' a Dolce & Gabbana top and pants, the cover girl opens up about being a role model, having haters vs. perfection and her sense of style. Get your copy Aug. 9th!
  • If you've gone to the movies lately, you've probably seen the preview for the movie "The Help" staring Viola Davis and can't wait to see it. Yeah, I totally know the feeling.. me too haha. She looks great on the cover, somewhat unrecognizable in that polka dot halter dress actually. Can't wait to read. 
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, our Sex & the City sister is looking rather radiant in Burberry this month on the August Vogue cover. Inside the mag, she shares her love for fashion, playing our beloved Carrie Bradshaw and being a workaholic!
  • This month's InStyle cover girl is actress Katie Holmes. Looking magnificent in magenta, the 32 year old shared with readers how she balances both career and family.
 “In our family we have a policy: we make it work. We Skype, and we try not to go for a week without seeing each other. We’re also very good at setting up camp wherever we go.”
  •  On Newsstands now is the new GQ magazine with Co-star of the hot new release "Friends with Benefits", Mila Kunis on the cover. When asked her feelings on the friends with benefits phenomenon, Kunis responded: 
 “It’s like communism - good in theory, in execution it fails. Friends of mine have done it, and it never ends well. Why do people put themselves through that torture?"
  • 30 year old pregnant actress, Jessica Alba is on the cover of this month's Allure Magazine talking about motherhood, accepting her new body type and getting engaged at 18 *gasp*.  Sounds really interesting! 

Happy Reading.