Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 You may recall back in February, Angela Simmons announcing that she was branching off from Pastry to create her own clothing line with the assistance of designer, Juan Vargas. The line, "Angela Renee" which is said to feature fitted and chic clothing is due to for a 2012 release. Last night Ms. Simmons tweeted a couple outfits from her line as a special treat and I have to say, I'm intrigued and want to see more. The first dress is subtle, yet classy and I love it. The second one is more of a 'freakum'  style dress; the bright colors bring the funk and the black mesh side panel detailing give it a sexy edge. I can tell she used "Pastry" as an inspiration for this dress and it looks great. I'm sure with Juan Vargas by her side, "Angela Renee" will go far.

What do you think? Def?.. or Def not?

See some of Juan Vargas' designs here


noemie noel said...

for some reason i am in love with the sequin dress and the off the shoulder sleeves. I would purchase for NYE

Kara J. said...

hmm, *turns head sideways* it would be cute for New Years Eve, but I can't think of anything else it's appropriate for

4-LEXI said...

ummmm, I need to see much more than this before I can make up my mind, not crazy over these two pieces-I've seen similar.


Cherrie J. said...

Loving the sequin dress & I love Angela! Im excited to see wats next.

-Cherrie <3

lovely muffin said...

Love it, she looks great and those dresses too!