Monday, August 1, 2011


Happy August!! Happy Birthday to all the Leo's out there.. Cancer season is over so I guess you can have your time to shine now haha. Check out this month's cover girls bringing some extra summer heat to your nearest newsstand. 

  • In this month's Cosmopolitan mag, Kim K dishes tips on how to keep the spark in a relationship.. even from a distance. She also talks about what brings out her inner sexy and her biggest fears.
  • Cover Queen B can be seen in Complex magazine's August issue.  With her latest album 4, it seems like B is pushing her career in bold new directions, and I've got to say.. she's really putting in work which makes her the perfect person to cover the annual Style & Design issue, where we showcase all the cutting edge developments in Complex's world. Here's a sneak at the magazine spread.
  • Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Rhi Rhi in concert and as expected, she shut the place down. She has come a long way vocally and performance wise and I'm sure her best is yet to come. She's been gracing so many covers recently, it should be no surprise that she's on this month's Glamour ♥ .  Rockin' a Dolce & Gabbana top and pants, the cover girl opens up about being a role model, having haters vs. perfection and her sense of style. Get your copy Aug. 9th!
  • If you've gone to the movies lately, you've probably seen the preview for the movie "The Help" staring Viola Davis and can't wait to see it. Yeah, I totally know the feeling.. me too haha. She looks great on the cover, somewhat unrecognizable in that polka dot halter dress actually. Can't wait to read. 
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, our Sex & the City sister is looking rather radiant in Burberry this month on the August Vogue cover. Inside the mag, she shares her love for fashion, playing our beloved Carrie Bradshaw and being a workaholic!
  • This month's InStyle cover girl is actress Katie Holmes. Looking magnificent in magenta, the 32 year old shared with readers how she balances both career and family.
 “In our family we have a policy: we make it work. We Skype, and we try not to go for a week without seeing each other. We’re also very good at setting up camp wherever we go.”
  •  On Newsstands now is the new GQ magazine with Co-star of the hot new release "Friends with Benefits", Mila Kunis on the cover. When asked her feelings on the friends with benefits phenomenon, Kunis responded: 
 “It’s like communism - good in theory, in execution it fails. Friends of mine have done it, and it never ends well. Why do people put themselves through that torture?"
  • 30 year old pregnant actress, Jessica Alba is on the cover of this month's Allure Magazine talking about motherhood, accepting her new body type and getting engaged at 18 *gasp*.  Sounds really interesting! 

Happy Reading. 

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