Friday, July 22, 2011


Yesterday I was fortunate enough to celebrate my 23rd birthday! Cheers to that, right?! Another year older, another year wiser. I have accomplished a lot so far and am blessed to have great people around me that support me through whatever, whenever. I'm anxious to see where my life will take me and what I'll be doing in..let's say, 5 years. I'll be 28 (DANG haha). I went to an Asian & Thai restaurant in Williamsburg, BK called Sea. It was real pretty inside and the food was DE-LISH.. my only dislike was that the place was so loud it's hard to hear or carry on a conversation. 

Dress: ASOS   Shoes: Jessica Simpson  Clutch: Pay Half   Necklace: Forever 21  


NaturallyCurvy said...

I love your hair and that great dress !!!!


Kara J. said...

my hair!? i love yours.. that's the exact brown i want