Saturday, October 1, 2011


Being that it's the first day of October, of course I have for you this month's cover girls! Lots of goodies on the racks... let's get started shall we?!

First we have Adele covering British Vogue.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
(That should pretty much sum that up right?)
 I absolutely love Adele and honestly, *whispering* I judge people who don't haha. Seriously though, if you want proof of just how amazing she is.. think about this. How did she come out with the best performance  at the VMA's over Beyonce's baby bump rubbing, Jay-z & Kanye's surprise performance with pyrotechnics and Lil Wayne's memorable antics? She topped all those people with just a dim light and a piano man. That my dear, is TALENT!

  • In this month's British Vogue, the gorgeous Adele opens up about her unique pre-performance ritual, single life and her opinion on the industry's obsession with weight.
 “I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I don’t want that in my life. I have insecurities, of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”
  • Our next cover girl, Angelina Jolie (who I will forever call 'Evelyn Salt' because she was just so bad ass in that film) is on the cover of Vanity Fair's newest issue. Jolie dishes details about her family life with Brad Pitt, directing her new film, "In the Land of Blood and Honey" and her plans for the future!
The new film is set to hit theatres December 23rd.

  • Katy Perry is this month's covergirl for InStyle Magazine wearing a very pretty gray belted dress and cotton candy pink hair! Inside, the 26 year old singer talks about marriage, whether or not she is ready for children and her secret for getting her makeup done while on tour. I ♥ Katy Perry and can't wait to read.
  • Model Chanel Iman, among four other models all have covers for this month's Elle Magazine. Wearing a white Herve Legar swimsuit and Gucci miniskirt, Elle's 'bombshell' gives readers her definition of what a bombshell is:
“Any woman who has a positive attitude about herself and carries herself with class but doesn’t try too hard and say, ya know, ‘Hey, look at me, I’m a bombshell,’ is basically a bombshell. It’s just a woman with a positive, strong attitude who knows she has it going on.”
  • Flare Magazine, Canada's number one fashion mag has Frieda Pinto on their October 2011 issue. The 26 year old "Slumdog Millionaire" actress wears a fiery red ruffled dress by Giambattista Valli on the cover. Inside, Pinto shares with readers her relationship with boyfriend and "Slumdog Millionaire"  co-star, how her life has changed in the past few years and her fashion style. When asked about her style on the Red Carpet, Pinto states:
 “I look at it as fun. I think it’s terrifying if you’re trying to do something you’re not comfortable with, or trying to channel something you’re not. But if you’re just being true to the kind of clothes you wear, it’s fun.”
  • Controversial rapstress Kreayshawn can be seen on the cover of Complex Magazine which is a pretty big deal for the overnight "Gucci Gucci" musician. As much as people love to criticize Kreayshawn, they are just as interested in hearing her story. On October 4th when this month's issue hits news stands, questions will finally be answered. Opening up about everything from her beef with rappers The Game and Rick Ross, to going from youtube videos to a million dollar record deal with her rap group White Girl Mob, this is a spread you and I cannot miss out on!

  • You can catch Lady Gaga on the cover of Bazaar Magazine this month, but you may have to do a double take before realizing that it is in fact Gaga on the front cover. Wearing a very natural look with next to no makeup, Lady Gaga is shedding layers to show her softer side. Inside she reveals how she stays true to herself and talks body confidence. Gaga had this to say about body image and confidence:
 “I’m very free-spirited. Even when I was a kid, I used to run around naked with the babysitter, driving her crazy. I do yoga, I do Bikram and I run, and I eat really healthy. You know, my work sort of feeds me. I keep in shape by working hard.”

  • Last but not least, our leading lady Michelle Obama is on the cover of this month's Essence Magazine rocking a very vibrant, floral of the shoulder dress. Doesn't our First Lady have the best style!? Definitely what I strive to be in my older years. Michelle Obama sends this message out to our youth:
“My story to young people around this country and around the world is, don’t look at me as the First Lady first; look at me as Michelle Obama, a girl who grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Because I was there, and this is attainable.”




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Lovely post!
Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it!

lasophia said...

bah I gotta check out Kraeyshawn. Her style intrigues me. Have you seen the youtube video of her and her friends going into a thrift store? It's very well done, well should be since she is a producer first.


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