Saturday, October 29, 2011



Hey everyone! Today was a bit of a drag huh?! Not even Halloween yet and snow (and rain) are falling and killing the weekend. With no where to go and nothing to see except the mess outside, I decided to put together a wishlist. The holidays will soon be upon us and I figured, what better way to prepare for that question that makes us all smile: "What do you want for Christmas?" =]

FUR: Currently, I'm having this love affair with fur. I just love the feeling. On my wishlist are a full fur hat, scarf and earmuffs. I promise I won't wear them all at once but I must have each of them! haha.

HAIR ACCESSORIES: My natural hair is finally at a point where I can attach pretty bows and other accessories to it for added spice and I'm so excited! Time to get CRAY! haha

MONIF C. : If you've been keeping up with my posts, then you are aware that Monif C. has released her holiday collection of dresses for 2011; my favorite being the Samantha Sequin which is AMAZING. Another hot Monif dress is the Emme Ponte Knit Arrow dress in ivory and black. This dress is simple enough to wear to work, and chic enough to wear for a special occasion. I love dresses that are multi-functional.

ASOS DRESSES: Also on my wishlist are three ASOS dresses which I am contemplating for the New Year. I love the elegance of the full lace dress, the funk of the dress with a fitted top and poofy tool bottom and the sass of the fitted black dress with sheer sleeves. I can see myself in all three of these, laughing it up with a glass of wine in hand.. or bottle.. or both haha.

SEQUIN DRESS & BLAZER (DOROTHY PERKINS): seriously, who doesn't love sequins.. great way to stand out at night.

HANDBAGS: The Neon Satchel from Cambridge Satchel Company I ♥ . I can't think of any color I can't wear this bag with.

LEATHER SKIRT: Leather Cult Company offers custom made leather pieces including skirts, shorts, pants, jackets and much more! Not only custom sizing, but custom length and color choices as well. This is undoubtedly the item on my wishlist I want the most, and better be under the Christmas tree. =]

AMERICAN APPAREL LEGGINGS: I love that American Apparel has expanded their sizes to an XL. I guess someone talked some sense into them?! A lot of companies need to follow suit. Sorry to mess up your perfect little company's image but the average size in the US is a 16. Do you care more about image than company profit? I'm just saying *shrugs* Anyway, I'm not the biggest fan of liquid leggings but I love the variety of colors these come in, and paired with a blazer and colorful pumps, the result could be magical.

SHEEPSKIN UGGS: Last winter, I completely abandoned my UGGs. I traded them in for military boots which I still love to death and hope will never go out of style. Even though my love for UGG boots have faded, these sheepskin ones have definitely made me fall in love all over again. It brings out your inner diva and makes you feel on top of the world. Besides, I believe every girl should channel their inner Snooki! ♥

EVANS BELTED TUNIC/LACE ACCENT TOP (DP): The lace accented sheer top from Dorothy Perkins would be a nice addition to my wardrobe, and very fall 2011. I have a bunch of lace tops but nothing lace accented so this piece is necessary to me. I've been on a sheer obsession for a few months now so this Evans Belted Tunic should be no surprise, but what I love about it is the length which allows me to throw it on  in a hurry with leggings and still look FAB!