Monday, May 2, 2011


Saturday, April 30th marked the 7th annual Fat Girl Flea Market on 13th Street in Manhattan. The affair started at noon and went all the way to eight o'clock in the evening. When I arrived a little after 2pm, I was greeted by the host of the event who was sporting a very funky and appropriate full sequined dress. She was extremely nice and kept us all entertained as we waited on the long line to get in. Everyone seemed pretty excited and shared stories they'd heard about the great finds friends and family members of theirs had found at previous Fat Girl Flea Market events. 

 After paying my $10 admission fee and getting in, I was astounded... at two things. The amount of people in building and the amount of clothes I saw. There were so many people, you could barely walk without saying, "excuse me" or "I'm sorry" and so many piles of clothes that many were intimidated to start digging in. I for one, was at first intimidated, but remembering I had paid 10 bucks to get in and the fact that there was no item over 10 dollars.. that fear quickly faded! I was really happy to see how many people came out to shop for a good cause and it was nice being in an atmosphere where plus size was majority.

The Demin Table
Clothes were seperated on different tables by size with a separate area for denim, shoes and accessories. It was truely a rummage sale, but that's the fun of it I suppose! All proceeds went to Nolose and the Femme Conference

I ended up spending $20 dollars for 6 items: A Jones of New York olive green boyfriend blazer $3 (my favorite), $3 a tweed swing jacket from Lane Bryant, a Love Your Peaches see through button down floral bathing suit cover up with a ruffle neck and sleeves $5, a Zara beaded and sequin tunic $3 and 2 pairs of wide leg pants from Old Navy $3 each...

Not too shabby huh?! Can't wait for next year.. I'll be there ON TIME haha.

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