Saturday, September 17, 2011


Last week in NYC, September 8th to the 15th marked one of fashion's most glorious events, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012. Designers from the likes of Michael Khors and Herves Leger, to Rebecca Minkoff (♥ her handbags), Betsey Johnson and Tory Burch (who made her Fashion Week runway show debut) showed off their latest designs. As expected, celebs were photoed out and about in their best, front row center at the event's shows. I'm sure we can all agree that the person who stuck out the most this week was *in unison* NICKI MINAJ

Nicki at Oscar De La Renta Spring 2012
I don't hate this outfit.. minus the animal winter hat, and I might even love it if there was a change of shoes. 

Nicki Minaj is most often found in the fashion worst column of most fashion mags and on Joan River's Fashion Police show on E! but sometimes I think she is just misunderstood. Now, don't get me wrong. This in no way means that I love all of her looks, as some of them are way over my head. I'm just saying, I understand. Nicki and artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have pretty much changed the game of how an artist is defined, taking it from an average person with talent to a completely animated character. With an alias of 'the Harajuku Barbie', how can Nicki Minaj NOT dress this way? Japanese Harajuku culture is all about bright colors, mismatching, dressing funky and pretty much doing what you want. So I'm saying... if Lady Gaga can dress up in raw meat and walk through central park with 24 inch latex heels and be called creative, why can't we cut Nicki Minaj some slack?!

Harajuku Barbie at Prabal Gurung
This outfit was one of my favorites! I feel it really embodied Nicki's Harajuku style.

Nicki Minaj  at Carolina Herrera Spring 2012
 There was a lot of buzz surrounding this outfit choice from Nicki Minaj for Carolina Herrera's spring runway show. Many speculate she copied from one of Jessica Rodger's pieces..the two pieces do have the same color concept and the puff ball stuff but it's clearly two different things. One is a top, the other is a dress. I'm taking Nicki's side on this one.

Front row at Carolina Herrera with Anna Wintour

Nicki & Betsey Johnson
Nicki Minaj and Betsey Johnson have to the ultimate team! I think Betsey has finally met her match. Betsey Johnson even stated that many of her pieces from her runway show were inspired by Nicki herself! *interesting*

Nicki Minaj & Designer Giuseppe Zanotti
This one had to be my least favorite from all of Nicki's #NYFW looks. Way too literal.. way too long, way too dark.. way too everything haha.

One thing we can always depend on Nicki for is to bring out some game changing shoes!

What do you think?! Def?... or Def ??


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